The thirteen publishers of the association provide printed and digital textbooks and other teaching and learning materials for kindergartens, primary, secondary and upper secondary schools and universities.

There are some 30 educational publishers in Sweden. The market for K-12 materials was worth SEK 863 millions in 2014 (Euro 94 millions).

Educational publishers’ materials correspond to curricula and present scientific knowledge with pedagogical method, which is assured by collaborating with teachers as authors. All materials are hallmarked by the publishers’ skills in presenting and making knowledge accessible. Using publishers’ materials, whether printed or digital, from kindergarten, to secondary school and university, ensures equity and a coherent progress of knowledge.

The mission of the association is to assist publishers in developing and providing high quality tools for teachers and students.

Svenska Läromedel engages in dialogue with the Ministry of Education, the national agency for education, local school boards and other principal actors. We further the business of publishers by representation in the Swedish reproduction rights organization (RRO) Bonus Copyright Access and by providing market statistics and business intelligence. Explaining the value of high quality educational resources to the public is an association policy.

Important questions for Svenska Läromedel are

  • Adequate provision to teachers and students of printed and digital textbooks and other educational publishers’ materials
  • A stronger learning materials concept in the educational statutes
  • A national investment in publishers digital educational resources
  • Adequate allowances for university students to acquire textbooks
  • Strong copyright protection


Svenska Läromedel is a member of Educational Publishers Forum EPF within International Publishers Association IPA.

The Swedish Association of Educational Publishers is also represented in Federation of European Publishers FEP.